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  • Gerhard Topp GmbH - Textile Trimmings
    Gerhard Topp GmbH - textile trimmings - delivers worldwide a wide range of specially hot and cold cutted bindings and textile tapes. There is a wide range of application in the automotive industry e.g. tapes and ribbons for sealant, for the interior of cars and seats. We manufacture entirely to customer orders.

  • Mikropakk Ltd.
    Our company offers 'turnkey solutions' to its clients with plastic processing and supplementary technical services providing complete service pack that includes product development, mould design, mould manufacturing, injection moulding - also over-moulding, however, by assembling mechanical and electromechanical components we are able to deliver complex products.

    Sobef – specialized in the production of moulds and trimming tools for the high pressure die-casting industry. Sierom – specialized in the production of moulds for plastics (injection, blow molding or compression) and rubber.

  • Euromodel Engineering srl
    At Euromodel Engineering we develop and produce welding and cutting systems for thermoplastic products from 15 years ago. We use ultrasonic technology, hot plate technology or vibration welding systems and rotation welding. Furthermore we offer customized ultrasonics processing machines for cutting various materials for textile industries.

    TESS CONEX SA - is currently the most important privite producer of spare parts and subsets auto from Romania.

  • J.JUAN, SA
    J.JUAN sited not only as leader in thi mechanic transmission cable market, othewise has avanced in the innovation and thecnologic development of a new product Hydraulic brake hoses, always with application to manufactures or O.M.Parts.JJUAN is in the Century XXI, a great industrial reality.

  • ZF Group
    ZF supplies complete power train systems, axles, steering systems and differentials.

  • Dodge
    Dodge is a passenger car brand of DaimlerChraysler.

    PRODPLAST S.A. has over 40 years of experience in plastics processing field, beeing the leader in Romania, due to the performance of its products and the rapport quality / price.

  • PENTACON GmbH Foto- und Feinwerktechnik
    Mechanical production: We have experiences in the range of machining of metals and CNC treatment for many years. The manufacturing concentrates thereby on the largest part on turning-, milling-, honing-, lapping- and grinding machines. Plastic injection moulding with tool-making.

  • Auto Mould Industrial Ltd
    Auto-mould has been specialized in plastic injection mold making and molding for many years.industries we are serving include automobile, home & office appliances, electric appliance, electronics, sanitary wares, etc.

    We are a cold Forging company based near Toulouse, France. We manufactures axles,rivets and special screws on plan since 1915 ! we have a huge experience in providing fasteners for the automotive industry all over the world.

  • Dulprod S.R.L.
    Different metal pieces produced by cutting metal proceeding on the CNC turns and milling machine, produced of the high pressure aluminium casting pieces.

  • RAK ANTENNA Manufacturing Ltd.
    Manufacturing and distribution of vehicle components, car antennas, injection moulding and stamping toll making, rock-wool making (for exhaust systems), valve for vacuum sewage drainage systems (ValVac2TM).

    SONA BLW PRÄZISIONSSCHMIEDE GMBH is a ThyssenKrupp Automotive company and produces transmission and axle parts like differential pinions and gears, speed gears and synchronizer rings for the automotive industry.

  • Polycom Skofja Loka d.o.o.
    The basic activity of the company Polycom Škofja Loka d. o. o. is the processing of plastics and the production of complex tools for injection moulding.

  • JESTIC s.j.
    Jestic is one of the biggest manufacturers of wheel covers in Europe.

    Manufacturer of non-asbestos brake linings and brake pads for trucks, trailers and busses. Clutch facings, flexible linings in rolls and steel rivets

  • Oechsler AG
    OECHSLER AG specializes in the production of high precision plastic parts and assemblies, serving primarily the automotive industry.

  • N-Tek Engineering Sdn Bhd
    We are specialize in precision machining component for Semiconductor ICs Mold industry, Photonics industry, Automation Assembly, Metal Fabrication and Plastic Injection Mould.

  • Cardone Industries Europe, SPRL
    CARDONE Industries, Inc. has been a leading global supplier of automotive products for over 35 years. With A1 CARDONE, our brand of remanufactured parts, and CARDONE Select, our brand of totally new parts, we offer 44 product lines under seven divisions: Brakes, Drivetrain, Electronics, Motors, Pumps, Rotating Electrical and Steering. We also offer tools and accessories under the brand, CARDONE Service Plus.

  • Soteks, ZAO, NP
    The main activity of the enterprise is production of flexible foam parts for the automotive industry: seat backs, seat cushions, head rests, arm rests; production of integral skin foam: steering wheels, arm rests; production of semi rigid foam: seat back pads, bumper pads, head rests.Plastic parts.

    INTERCOS-IV focuses its activity on design and manufacturing of dies and molds for automotive industry. Today our Company is a leading-edge manufac-turer of large-sized tooling for automotive industry in Russia.

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