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  • PEMU Rt.
    Original designed and enhanced vehicle spare parts ( bumpers, dashboards, steering wheels, gear-shift knobs, spoilers, internal covers), seals for the automotive industry (silicone and PUR), furniture components, with or without metal inlays, plastic plat.

  • General Nonwovens
    Polyester&Polypropylene spunbond nonwovens for carpet tufting,carpet backing,molding, seat covering applications for the automobile industry

  • Zodiac Automotive
    Zodiac Automotive is an innovative, global leader in the design, development and manufacture of airbag and occupant restraint components. Zodiac Automotive introduced the world's first side impact head protection airbags, and continues to save lives today through the use of its new fabric and coating technologies. Located in Tempe, Zodiac Automotive has a technical and manufacturing presence throughout Europe, Africa, and North America, which produce over 15 million airbags annually. Zodiac Automotive is a subsidiary of the Zodiac Group, a global company with over 100 years experience inventing, developing and manufacturing products and technologies for aerospace and aircraft systems, airline equipment, marine, and high-technology markets.

  • BMW AG
    The BMW Group is a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles worldwide.

  • A. & E. Keller GmbH
    The company holds a leading position within the international automotive industry when it comes to developing and manufacturing oriented cold formed solutions.

  • Arsal Auto Spare Parts I.C.
    Our company,Arsal Otomotiv San ve Tic A.S, a trading company started its activities on 1941 in Istanbul -Turkey. Today we mainly concentrate on; Automotive spare parts. Pls take into account that, Arsal is one of the largest company with its 16 main distributor in Turkey, distributes of worldwide brands as Hella,Osram,Contitech etc. and original items fit to BMW,VW, OPEL as well.

  • Edgar Emele GmbH & Co. KG
    We supply precision tools for injection moulding and thermoplastic injection moulds for interior, exterior and engine compartment applications.

  • Hammerstein Bt. Hungary
    CRH is the specialist for the development and manufacture of high-grade complete seat structures, adjuster systems for seats, steering columns and variable interiors.

  • Matcor Automotive Inc.
    Metal stampings, welded assemblies, crossmember assemblies, rear pillar assemblies, floor pan assemblies, seat riser assemblies, seat back assemblies, instrument panel assemblies

  • Magna Intier Automotive Europe
    INTIER AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS and INTIER AUTOMOTIVE SEATING are wholly-owned operating groups of MAGNA INTERNATIONAL and are industry leaders in the development and manufacture of complete vehicle interior systems, seating systems and components for the global automotive industry.

    1. Injection processing of plastics for production of the following range of products: - Machine parts(for cars, trucks, tractors) - Transport packings (bottles, bread and fruit crates) - Household items(pails, basins, cups, trays) - Drugs packings - PVC Fittings 2. Polyurethane foam products. 3. Container production (0,3 l- 60 l) through blowing and extrusion process. 4. Moulds for plastic injection. 5. Production of red and yellow iron oxides, for the paints and lacquers industry, for ferrites.

  • Express Tech Mfg Pte Ltd
    Express Tech is a regional solutions provider, offering a full spectrum of tooling engineering services, from the design and fabrication of various types of mold to the injection moldings of plastic parts. We have manufacturing facilities in Singapore, China and Thailand.

  • A-Z Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH
    In our production facility located in Germany, we design, manufacture and produce tire moulds and containers, tire regroovers and other special machinery. For over 75 years, we have been a leading supplier of high quality merchandise and service in the tire industry.

  • Plastcom s.r.o.
    We produce engineering plastic compounds for injection moulding since year 1996. The core of our company is the research, production and application of engineering plastic compounds for injection moulding.

    Our enterprise was founded in 1988. We have a past of 15 years rich in content and success. The little workshop set up as a private company has now grown into a holding that gained high appreciation in both domestic and international plastic processing.

  • Cable Team Poland Sp. z o.o.
    Cable Team Poland produces wire harnesses for agricultural vehicles, telecommunication, industrial robots and motor industry.

  • ALU-ÖNTÕ Kft.
    Our foundry began its independent activity in the field of aluminum sand mould-and die casting in 1993. Since this time it has been producing for the market where demand shifts towards complicated sand- and die castings of high quality standards.

  • Elista AG
    Manufacturer of plastic parts

  • C. Hübner GmbH
    Injection Molding and galvanization of plastics.

  • Electromagnetica S.A.
    Electric and electronic equipment, tools and moulds, design, electronic, plastic, metallic products and subassemblies subcontracting.

  • Automotive Supplier News
    News and information specifically related to the Automotive Industry and its suppliers.

  • Audi AG
    Audi is part of the brand group Audi of the Volkswagen Group.

  • IMDS Europe
    IMDS Europa - Bereitstellung von qualitativ hochwertigen Dienst für Manufacturing & Supply Chains . Suchen Sie Hilfe bei der Erfüllung der Bedürfnisse Ihrer IMDS Verantwortung? Als Full- Service-Unternehmen IMDS -Europe ist in der Lage , Ihnen einen individuellen Service rund um alle IMDS Aufgaben Ihres Unternehmens bieten.

  • Adam Opel AG
    Opel is a brand with a long-standing tradition in Europe and today produces and sells vehicles worldwide.

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