About the Index

The Automotive Index is the first independent worldwide index of the automotive industry. The index was launched by Bayern Innovativ Ltd, a publicly held company initiated by the Bavarian State Government in collaboration with the partners the office of Economy of the Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland. It is derived from the cooperation network BAIKA, the Bavarian Innovation and Cooperation Initiative for the Automotive Suppliers Industry which is the most internationally renowned project that Bayern Innovativ has in action.
The catalogue offers rapidly accessible high quality information about companies and institutions with their various products, technologies and locations. You have the opportunity to search for automotive companies, research institutes, associations as well as government and chambers.
In order to also be found, you may register free of charge and all registrations will be authenticated to ensure quality and relevance to the automotive industry.



  • To present a worldwide web catalogue of the automotive industry
  • To offer accessible information about products, technologies etc
  • To allow the direct searching of new resources
  • To provide an open platform free of charge

Reasons to be a part of the Automotive Index:

  • First international independent automotive index
  • General survey of the automotive industry
  • Targeted and efficient identification of suppliers
  • To be found by internationally renowned potential partner


  The automotive index currently has more than 4.500 registered companies and institutions that can be found under 30.000 links!
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