Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of <>?

<> is an ever growing online catalog which provides a structured overview of companies, institutes and governmental organizations directly referring to the automotive industry.

Websites are grouped by topic and may also be conveniently searched for by entering search terms. Automotive suppliers are offered a platform on which they may classify themselves at no charge.

Who is entitled to be registered?

Basically, any company or other organization referring to the automotive sector may be registered in the catalog.

For this purpose you must first create an account by completing the registration form (click the button <register>, then follow the link for new users). Your activation code will be sent shortly hereafter to the e-mail address you specified during registration.

Each user requires an unique username and a valid e-mail address. This data will not be passed on to any third party or misused for promotional purposes. Please notice also the legal disclaimer.

The submitted link seems to be missing in the catalog.

Each link is reviewed by an editor upon submission. The editor rates the quality of the website, ensures an accurate classification and is solely responsible for the admission of the link.

In either case you will be informed about the result by e-mail. There is no claim for admission. Links to promotional websites without valuable information will be strictly refused. Accepted links will be eventually published by running regular updates.

How can I modify an existing link?

Upon successful login to the system, click the button <modify link>. All links you have submitted so far will be displayed. Any further modification will again be reviewed by an editor, rendering impossible any subsequent malicious modification.

I forgot the password.

In this case, follow the link called <password reminder> under <login>. Simply enter your e-mail address and shortly hereafter your account information will be sent to you by e-mail.

Occasionally I encounter broken links.

Unfortunately, this might happen once in a while. For example, websites may change their URL without creating an automatic redirection page. Such links are automatically detected. Suspicious links, however, will not be removed immediately as they might be temporarily unavailable.

The search query produces no or few results.

Try using a different spelling of the previously specified search terms or using similar search terms. Another approach is to search for links by browsing the categories.

  The automotive index currently has more than 4.500 registered companies and institutions that can be found under 30.000 links!
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